We’re here to empower society and enhance every industry through open banking’s incredible capabilities.

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Archie RecurPay lets you seamlessly set up recurring payments – speeding up operations, removing customer friction and improving the customer experience.

Who’s Archie?

We’re mentors at heart, so we’ll guide you along every step of your journey.

Whether you’re a small business who wants to cut transaction fees by at least 70% (yes, you read that right), an organisation looking to get to know their customers better (and we’re not just talking basic demographics here, but actual real-life behaviours) or just a curious individual who’s keen to improve their financial knowledge (like ‘what on earth is open banking?!’), we are here for you.

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What's the Archie way?

We believe in working collaboratively. Not locking you into a contract or dumping a complicated product on you without any support and running a mile. We also don’t believe in jargon and OMG, we are passionately anti-acronym (see what we did there?). No dressing things up, no overcomplicating the simple stuff – we’re here to clarify, communicate and collaborate with our partners, because that’s what we love doing.

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Payment services

Integrate a faster and more cost-effective bank payment, supported by biometric authentication to reduce fraud and customer friction.

Data Products

Reimagine the digital proposition for your customers, using real-time financial data.

Why Open Banking?

Despite the name, it’s not just for banks. It’s going to revolutionise every industry. We are at the forefront of this innovation, pushing boundaries by helping partners give their customers greater autonomy and freedom over their finances.

For us, it’s not just a business, it’s a belief.

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Greater security &
reduced fraud

Seamless on-brand experience

Vastly lowered transaction fees

Improved conversion rates

Real-time and accurate data

Effortless streamlining of tasks

“Open Banking saves us money on transaction fees, offers more security for our customers and gets money into our account faster, when compared to traditional card processing.”

Luke Crooks, Director at Solent

At Archie, everything starts with a hi... So however you say hi - say hi back.