Account Statements

Retrieves bank statements in real time, reducing delays to your processes.

Account Statements

Our product retrieves bank statements in real time, reducing delays to business processes – which let’s face it, can sometimes be the cause of a lost sale. It’s pretty game changing (in our humble opinion).

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What are the benefits?

  • We figured it was about time we removed that customer friction of printing statements or worse again, having to use their lunch break to queue up (*shudder*) at their bank’s branch for a statement copy (*shudder again*).

  • Sped-up onboarding & offering

    Our product speeds up your business and customer onboarding, as well as product offering, by instantly retrieving copies of bank statements as a PDF* in real-time.

*(We did say we are anti-acronym!) Portable Document Format - i.e., a file format that presents and exchanges documents — no matter what software, hardware or operating system you use.

How does it work?

You request the customer to approve you retrieving the statements from their bank via our white-labelled consent journey.

We then retrieve the statements which you can download and use as if the customer emailed them to you themselves (minus the follow up emails and wait time of course).

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Use cases

  • Friction-free experience for the customer

    When given consent, we do the work for your customer in retrieving all the information needed to speed up an application, making for a much smoother experience for them, and a happy customer for you.

  • Sped-up onboarding

    Because let’s face it, many onboarding processes are painful – but with Archie, that no longer needs to be the case. Say goodbye to long application processing times and hello to friction-free onboarding, smoother acquisitions and happier customers.

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