Archie Deep Dive

Empowers you with rich customer insight.

Archie Deep Dive

Archie Deep Dive empowers you with continuous, rich insights into the historical spending patterns of your customers. This enables personalised products and service that cater to a person’s specific requirements, as well as greater understanding of customer lifetime value.

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What are the benefits?

  • Historical spending analysis

    Allows you to create personalised products and services that give your customers what they want, and when they want it.

  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction

    You’ll be empowered to tailor your offerings based on real-time and accurate insight on customer preferences. For your customers, it means products and services tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

  • Higher sales and reduced marketing costs

    Tailored offerings means increased sales, more targeted marketing, and less money wasted on generic, mass advertising. Say goodbye to casting wide, expensive nets.

  • Categorise financial transactions

    This effortlessly presents potential savings and raises awareness of spending behaviours, so customers feel more in control. For an organisation, it makes assessing affordability and risk much easier.

How does it work?

Initiate the request to your customer.

The customer provides their consent.

We access the customer’s data through our Application Programming Interfaces* (APIs), which simply connect two softwares (in this case, Archie and their bank).

Once consent has been established, data can be refreshed without needing to hassle the customer.

*Application Programming Interfaces – ie, the whizzy bit of tech that makes it possible for different computer programs to talk to each other and share data. In the context of open banking, authorised providers use it to build apps or other software that securely connects to the customer’s bank account(s).

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Use cases

  • Act on insights from your customers' spending patterns

    Provide support and guidance, as well as personalised financial advice.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of what your customers want

    Use the data to identify new opportunities and diversify. Get ahead of the game by knowing what your customers want before they (or your competitors) even do.

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