Archie Pay

Transforms payments into a blissfully seamless task.

Archie Pay

Archie Pay transforms making payments into a blissfully convenient, secure and seamless task. Using account-to-account technology (which cuts out the expensive middlemen) and banking-grade security, our solution removes the hassle of slow and clunky traditional payments. This means you spend less time, money and energy on admin and more on doing what you do best (or putting your feet up, we don’t judge!).

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  • Archie Pay lets you initiate secure, account-to-account payments

    Which means your customers won’t need to search for their card details or enter payment information (because there’s nothing worse than having to track down your bank card for the CVV* code).

  • It can be integrated into your customer's journey for a seamless experience

    While creating a near instantaneous and direct one for you, with fund transfers arriving within minutes (ka-ching!).

*Card Verification Value -- i.e., the three-digit number on the back of your card. Yep, that pesky old thing.

Instant and secure payments

The instant and secure collection of payments from the customer’s bank directly to yours saves your business time and money while providing an exceptionally smoooooooth customer experience (see everybody wins!).

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What are the benefits?

  • Instant payments

    Funds are sent straight from the customer’s bank to the destination account. No middlemen, and no waiting around.

  • Improved conversion

    Seamless authorisation and no need to enter card details streamlines the payment journey (making it almost too easy).

  • Reduced fraud

    Sensitive information is kept secure as customers have to approve payments themselves within their banking apps.

  • Lower your fees

    Save on transaction costs with direct bank-to-bank payments. We typically save customers 70% on fees (yup, true story).

How does it work?

Include Archie Pay at checkout or within your app.

Customer authorises payment in their banking app.

Payment is authorised and confirmed.


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Use cases

  • Add to your checkout journey

    or include within your app to replace or complement your existing payment methods for a faster, secure and more cost effective payment method.

  • Provide account top-up services

    for your customers in an instantaneous and secure way. This could be financial top-up products like investment and savings accounts, or initial saving deposits and withdrawals.

Pumped? So are we.

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“As a business, wherever we can save money is a bonus. When I was approached with the solution, it was a no-brainer to go with. It is safe, secure, fast and saves me tens of thousands of pounds. Some transactions cost me over £30 – here they’re just pennies. What’s there not to like?!”

Bob Collins – Director at FWR

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