We are devoted pursuers
of progression.

What does that mean? Glad you asked because we looove to talk about it!

It means we passionately strive for betterment. From sectors and society, right down to our own team and partners. We’re committed to bringing everyone on their journey to progress, by unlocking the powerful benefits of open banking.


We are the product of our wonderful, talented and eclectic team. Our brand imbues our individual quirks – and was inspired and developed with our team’s personalities in mind. That’s why if you’ve met us, you’ll understand why Archie is inherently human, cheeky and multi-faceted. We are big advocates of having a cuppa and a chat – both for the fun of it (and the excuse to have a biscuit) but also because that’s when some of the best ideas are born (including the idea of Archie – mid-lockdown in Graham’s back garden!).

We may be daringly audacious, but we’re consistent in our mission – always holding ourselves to our four core values…


Because we’re a tight-knit bunch of passionate people. We’re inquisitive, empathetic, honest and always ready to listen.

We love to chat – ask anyone we work with and they’ll testify – because we like truly getting to know our partners.


We enlighten people, partners and society through vigorous research, knowledge sharing and transparency. Our endless curiosity drives us towards financial freedom for all.

We’re on a mission to eradicate scepticism and change perceptions, all in the hopes of driving ambition for everyone.


We are pioneers who pave the way – from technology and innovation to accessibility and education. We don’t follow the norm, we find the new. We don’t copy competitors, we challenge conformity.

Progress is our focus, and we are not afraid to do bolder and brighter things. Oh and we aren’t afraid of setting a new standard – in fact, that’s what we’re working on.


We began as consultants, so we’re committed to guiding people on a journey that’s theirs, not ours. We are experts who lead with ingenuity through collaboration and communication.

We don’t force conformity, we enhance and celebrate individuality. No person nor company is too big or too small to evolve, they just need the right partner to fuel their ambition.

Meet Archie

A passion-led, problem-solving, innovation-driven team.

A tech-savvy mastermind and track-racing enthusiast whose engines really get revving for open banking.



A motoring enthusiast and tech wizard who can make computers do backflips with a flick of his wrist – but keep racecars safely on the road.



A master of the numbers who can solve any financial puzzle.



The all-seeing oracle of Archie with 20/20 vision for looking beyond the obvious.



A supreme strategist and driver-of-change who believes in the power of sticky memo notes.


Head of Strategy

A delivery pro and motorbike-riding enthusiast with an impeccable track record (both on and off the bike).


Head of Business Growth

A red-wine-lover and culinary adventurer who's passionate about creating new products and enhancing existing ones.

Chris Noakes

Head of Product

An explorer of the virtual world and a problem-solving innovator of the fintech world.


Head of Operations

A curious and insightful questioner, who's also best friend to Murphy the spaniel.


Head of Delivery

A tech master and guitar-shredder-extraordinaire who makes his own music with homemade effects and amplifiers.


Head of Technology

As a Spotify-trawling, frontend-tech-loving, full-stack developer - code is music to his ears.


Application Developer

An approachable leader who's not afraid to flex those gaming muscles and let his inner geek shine when it's Playstation time.


Scrum Master

A Diet-Coke-fuelled innovator with a need for speed and a passion for user-friendly interfaces.

Chris J

Senior Developer

A gaming enthusiast who's hot on frontend development and cool on the ice hockey rink.


Application Developer

A skilled developer who always has his nose in a book and never stops learning.


Application Developer

A boundary-smashing gamer who's never afraid to go off-map.


Lead Test Analyst

A thrill-seeking adrenaline-chaser who's equally exhilarated by solving complex tech problems and jumping out of airplanes.


Principal Engineer

A natural problem-solver who's switched on for coding custom solutions and switches off by listening to his favourite bands.


Senior Developer

An NFL mega-fan who's cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs when he's not busy tackling tricky technical problems.


Application Developer

A self-professed nerd who's never too far from his laptop and is always ready to get the job done.


Application Developer

An animal lover and ex-zookeeper who uses her organisational superpowers to tame Archie's operations.


Operations Manager

If you can't beat us, join us.

    We're not currently hiring, but we always love to hear from creative thinkers who want to progress! Share your details with us and we'll be in touch if something comes up.

At Archie, everything starts with a hi... So however you say hi - say hi back.