Instant Account Verification

Have confidence in your payer account details, avoiding incorrect information.

Instant Account Verification

Archie Instant Account Verification allows you to have confidence in payer account details, avoiding scenarios such as mistyping details (it happens to us all) and chargebacks due to incorrect information.

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What are the benefits?

  • Simplified user experience

    Your customer won’t need to root around finding their bank card to make a payment.

  • Automate account information retrieval

    Effortlessly receive the required sort code and account number with no manual intervention, and have total confidence that you’ve got the correct information.

How does it work?

You ask the customer to consent to their bank details being read.

The customer gives their consent.

These details can then be used within the customer journey, such as pre-filling forms to simplify onboarding processes or changing payment details.

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Use cases

  • Think of our authentication product as like having a bouncer on the front door of your business: it’ll make sure the authorised people get in and the shady characters are kept out.

  • Credit referencing that's actually recent and relevant

    Archie provides key information directly from the customer’s bank to give you confidence in your transactions. Hooray!

  • Account validation confirms the end customer’s bank account information

    You can rest assured that all details are watertight, as they’re coming directly from the source bank. Nothing gets lost in translation.

  • Easy customer onboarding and fund destination validation

    Ensure you have the right information, avoid manual mishaps and improve the customer experience, saving both you and your customers time and effort.

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