Integrate a faster and more cost-effective bank payment, supported by biometric authentication to reduce fraud and customer friction.

What are payments?

Open banking enables a merchant to collect payments seamlessly, efficiently and more cost effectively than traditional methods. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) act as the communicator, or arch, between a customer, the merchant, and their banks.

Rather than having to input personal details (we’ve all had to dig around for our debit card to find the 3-digit code on the back!), open banking enables authentication of a payment via the customer’s banking app.

The result? No middlemen, at least 70% lower transaction fees (true story), and a waaaaay smoother checkout journey. Say goodbye to abandoned carts, fraud and flushing money down the toilet.

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Payment products

Each of our payment products offers something uniquely powerful. Browse around to you heart’s content – or get in touch if you’d like to learn more. We do bespoke bundles so just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll wave our magic wand.

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How does it work?

Customer connects current account.

Customer selects the bank and consents to share data.

Customer completes the bank’s authentication process.

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Secure, fraud-reducing technology

Seamless journey integration

Vastly lower transaction fees

Instant account-to-account payments

Customisable to your brand & messaging

Convenient, pay anywhere and anytime

Wonderfully user friendly (and less clicks!)

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