Payment Terminal

Make paying a breeze for your customers.

Payment Terminals

Our smart Payment Terminal can be easily integrated and personalised: it’s always secure and seamlessly on brand.

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What are the benefits?

  • Use it anywhere

    Our payment terminal is web-based, so you can use it anywhere via a connected device.

  • Super user-friendly

    A few clicks and voilà! A seamless payment journey with no hiccups. Magic.

  • Customise messaging

    Keep everything in your branding and create tailor-made messaging for your payments.

  • Pay at terminal or remotely

    Pay by QR code, payment links via email or SMS – whatever floats your boat.

  • It's more secure than ever

    Transactions are processed through our terminals and are protected using robust banking-grade security protocols.

  • Reduce costs by up to 70%

    Make huge savings on transaction processing fees (you’d better believe it!).

How does it work?

Enter the amount to be paid.

Add a reference message.

Ta-da! We generate a unique payment link and QR code for the sale.

Share your branded link or QR code with your customer.

Get an instant view of whether the payment consent has been successful or not.

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Use cases

  • The Archie Payment Terminal can be used in any industry and any scenario — from pet outfits to financial services, and in-app to in-store experiences.

  • Retail therapy

    Use it in brick-and-mortar stores to process transactions, giving shoppers more choice and security over how they pay.

  • Online shopping

    Integrate it into online shopping, allowing customers to make purchases with the tap of a button.

  • Use it out and about

    From in-taxi fares, street donations, event drinks or grabbing-a-doughnut-on-the-way-to-work-because-it’s-Friday, our Payment Terminal can be integrated into any physical setting for a smoother experience.

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